Spartan Fit - Day 25

"Death is the price we pay for life, so make it worth it"

Joe De Sena

For the first time yesterday I found myself asking the question - "why am I doing this?"

I was about 200m from the end of my 800m Day 25 workout and having run a 10km race at 8am in the morning, this 5pm Spartan Fit workout suddenly did feel like such a crash hot idea.

Within about a second of this thought, the answer came to me, "to find out if you can".  So, I picked up my 50lb sandbag and threw it forward again.

Everything about the Day 25 workout challenged me.  Regardless of whether I had run in the morning or not, the workout itself is just plain tough.  The lifting of the sandbag is awkward and uncomfortable.  The throwing of the sandbag when it doesn't go very far each time can be deflating, discouraging and simply painful to watch.  The slams are hard - raising the bag overhead repetitively knowing that there is always more to come until the end is hard.  And sit ups, well I just don't love sit ups, and for this workout I was required to do way more than I could even count.

I finished the workout.  I was glad that I did.  I was happy with my result.  The effort was worth it.

Yesterday was a massive day of mental training, learning and growth.

The mornings 10km run was a road run, all sealed.  I run trails.  Straight up this confused me.  What I have learnt from reading Spartan Fit though is that the secret to success is being able to adapt.  Part of being Spartan is looking at the situation and working out how to adapt to be successful with it.  So, mentally I decided to trust my training and the belief that my body could and would adapt to new circumstances and just go for it.  I was not fast, but the run was good.  A personal best time for me and a finish that felt strong and pain free.  I could have mentalled myself out of giving it a go using all the excuses about how I only feel comfortable on the trails.  Instead I chose to try something new and be open to the possibility that I could enjoy it.

The evenings Day 25 workout was different.  I already hated Day 15, which was the same workout for half the distance, so mentally I was struggling to get to the start line.  I delayed as long as I could, and consequently the sun had set by the time I finished.  

As I hauled my heavy sandbag out of my car I committed mentally to getting it done.  

Making a mental commitment to yourself to achieve your goal is critical to success.  

So many times during the workout I wanted to and could have stopped and simply given up.  It was hard.  I was not enjoying myself.  My hands were hurting and my body was tired.  Instead I gave myself the rest I needed and stayed committed to completing the task.  The desire to use the measure on my watch and stop early was enormous (read Day 15 for the details of what I did last time) but the learning from the last time was still in my head - don't sell yourself short.  I stayed committed and got it done.  It was dark by the end and I was dirty, tired and sore, but I got it done and today I feel great about it.

Today is a sub max effort for time, so a chance to almost recover from yesterday.  I'm looking forward to my workout today.

Only 5 more days to the Hot Gates Hero Workout ... feeling good, getting it done!


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