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Movement Coach | Personal Coach | EMA Tai Chi Instructor |ViPR Pro Coach | Pilates Instructor

Impossible is nothing

Simone is a true leader and coach.  Her connected, committed and personal style will take you places you may never have imagined you could go.  In 2014 Simone celebrated 10 years in the health and fitness industry.  With this experience comes wisdom and knowledge that enables Simone to see the  nuances of difference in movement that can be trained and tweaked to help the individual realise their personal best.

Simone is passionate about education and sharing and in 2013 co-created The Movement Bubble concept and workshop with Lachlan.  In 2014 the duo expanded The Movement Bubble Concept with the creation of The Movement Code Workshop.  The information in theses workshops now provides the foundation of the Fitness Form & Function / Train for LIFE training philosophy and will be expanded in 2015 to become part of a training program for like minded, dedicated fitness professionals.  Now Simone shares her passion for education with her clients too running regular workshops and seminars to share the latest movement information for health that gets results.

Simone's forte is problem solving.  Her open minded creative approach offers new possibilities to old problems and will absolutely unlock new potential for your health, fitness and quality of life.



Movement Coach | Personal Coach | ViPR Pro Coach 

With great power comes great responsibility

Unapologetically the very best at what he does, Lachlan Boyd is the explorer's coach.  

Lachlan joined Train for LIFE as a co-creator of The Movement Bubble workshop in 2013 and in 2014 moved to Cairns to explore the possibilities of combining his education in fine arts and his passion for health and fitness.  

Side by side with collaborative work in the creation of The Movement Code Lachlan has bravely explored the physical challenges of many of Cairns physically and mentally challenged individuals, finding new possibilities and solutions. Excelling in creative solutions for those with spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, lower back pain and dysfunctional core, Lachlan engages clients with his unique style where hard work feels like play and results simply happen.

Lachlan is currently studying for his Bachelor of Sports Science degree with JCU.


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